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This was clearly illustrated to us in the way our father dealt with mom when she neglected her chores or was openly rude to father or anyone for some unjustifiable reason. 10 sexiest women naked. Other items in the room are an ironing board and an electric iron, some starch, and a mixing bowl and a large pillow case filled with petticoats and knickers acquired from charity shops. Spanked by wife tumblr. I love how her strict approach has almost removed his longings from the equation completely.

The first, and probably the most important, step was for me to insist that for every spanking or other corporal punishment he received, he must accept a punishment of my choosing.

More for naughty husbands I wonder if any other lady readers make use of early bedtimes for their male charges? That is why every time I misbehaved or neglected my responsibilities I accepted my spankings knowing every hit my bottom received prepared me to be the best wife I can be. There is also a tallboy in which he has to keep his punishment underwear in immaculate order and condition.

Thus I knew, that neither I nor my sisters will ever be to old to be spanked. Pictures of hot pussys. Once I was able to I got dressed and ready to go out. Perhaps your whining to her is something that needs to be dealt with….

This has the effect of putting him in an inferior position. Male is not allowed to call her Linda, together we thought up a far more suitable name for him to use when he has to address her - Mrs. She sets the paddle in her lap and hooks her thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and leans forward as she pushes them to his ankles.

As he starts to twitch and jerk she takes her finger away so he gets no stimulation from it and he squirts into the spoon again and again. The physical punishment was generally between three and twelve strokes we acquired a suitable cane early on and this would be followed by a period of humiliation and hard work.

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He only ever enters my study when he is to be disciplined and on these occasions I put a name plate on the outside of the door: By the time I had received the third stoke I was in real pain and genuinely terrified how I would manage many more.

When I got in my wife knew immediately that I had been smoking and I was asked how many I had smoked. Spicy ass butt. Then I just let her go on and on about it as if she were an expert on the subject.

Through talking with a very close girlfriend I have been fortunate to meet a delightful lady called Linda who is a real treasure. She takes a seat in the chair that sits here just for this purpose.

He is not allowed to call a petticoat a slip, nor to call his knickers, pants. He must also be careful not to drink too much before being put down because he will only be allowed out to visit the bathroom when I get up the next morning.

I love doing that! There will be no little paddy-cake spankings like your mother gave you. Spanked by wife tumblr. You see my dear husband, I may not be as good of a cook as your mom. Father usually used a belt, at least in the spankings I witnessed.

You should see his face!

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I would then decide what punishment to award. Mother would then lift her face to look at us with messy hair and her panties still around her ankles. One rule I strictly enforce is that he must phone me immediately he arrives at work, that he calls again when going to lunch and upon his return, and finally that he phones immediately before leaving in the evening.

What do your readers think? When I got in my wife knew immediately that I had been smoking and I was asked how many I had smoked. She is a regular visitor to the site and contributed the earlier photo of her spanked hubby in his pink pajamas. My father always had the final word and neither mom nor the kids would question him unless we girls were eager to get a sore bottom. Spanked by wife tumblr. A perfect name for him to call her! It was immediately followed by another stoke handing just below the first.

Once I was able to I got dressed and ready to go out. I bought two notebooks: I received the following photo and message from Ms.

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