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All I saw in this movie was Tupac being a whiny bitch and getting shot, beaten, and arrested. Free black sex pictures. You can't have a convo with Pac extremists. Massive ass movies. Influential to what end though? Look, I have all Pac's albums. It's incredible and by far the best movie or documentary about him, and if you left this new movie unsatisfied, I can't recommend it enough.

Acting like he's the best at rapping is just stupid. Www ass tube com. It feels like a straight to TV movie, and even then its something you'd watch for a few minutes and then turn the channel to a rerun you've seen a thousand times. Pac had charisma, and a way with words that made his reiterations of worldly opinions resonate more with a lot of people who probably would've already agreed with the general sentiments anyways.

You never really know who actually feels him or not. It's a 2 hour movie, they can't fit everyone in it. Big ass Anal Babe Skinny Brunette This video explains it best:.

What is going on in my life when I saw two movies in a day and Transformers was the better one? Now go to Robin's revenge!!!!! Isn't the fact that so many people cite him evidence of an impact on the culture?

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Same goes with that sexual scene in the club. Bbw selfshot tumblr. How come iPhone's exist in 90s? The strongest hypocrisy was when a woman's giant ass just filled the frame. Jada Pinkett was just kinda there. I have 3 million dollars in a suitcase Ai-Jai Shine - Interview Movie. Massive ass movies. And if you're reassuring yourself that I'm going to make it through this since I'm talking to you now, quit being such a smart-ass! He broke multiple solo rap artist records for sales while he was still alive.

Afeni is a strong performance, but she's only there to spout off monologues and have serious moments. Would have been a cool little crossover. This thread proves it. Naked in locker. Saints and sinners, both have chinks in their armour. What is going on in my life when I saw two movies in a day and Transformers was the better one?

I feel like they tried to do too much in this and I came away learning nothing more than what I would've learned by skimming his Wikipedia page. We've redesigned your favorite tube site.

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Saints and sinners, both have chinks in their armour. I know that's accurate to what happened minus the whiny bitch part , but this movie did nothing to shed any insight on what made Tupac such an incredible artist. Please go and watch anyone of pac's documentaries on YouTube for free rather than this one, not only the casual moviegoers but also the hardcore Pac fans who maybe only know the music and don't know the man. Elaborating on the "women" standpoint, what the fuck was that sexual assault case?

If they just focused on his feud with Biggie, this would have been a much better movie. A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters. Massive ass movies. Absolutely disagree with the giant ass filling the screen.

More Top Movies Trailers Forums. The reality was far more gritty, and to be honest, more interesting. Naked grannie photos. I wish they spent more time showing HOW Pac became a rapper.

Even still, I think that that alone qualifies him as influential. His name should be Ass Kick instead [laugh].

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